Paisley is a lovely little brindle girl who is a 3rd generation Patronus dog. Paisley was co-bred by myself and Beth Spain of Anchor Up. She is my 9-year old son's personal dog, they have loved each other since Paisley was only a few weeks old. Paisley is a sweet dog with a loving personality.

PLL Carrier by DNA  /  LAD Clear by DNA / LP Carrier
Fully health tested, CHIC #135027
Gacy's Deborah Does Dallas with DyHar-Patronus

Dallas is co-owned by myself and Suzzanne Rafols of DyHar. She is a stunning, small and balanced red and white girl with an excellent profile. Dallas has both her majors towards her AKC Championship, and only needs a few points to become a finished Champion.

PLL Clear by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Carrier by DNA
Fully health tested, CHIC 150367
Glossy Black Antique Ruby

Cameo is another international addition to the Patronus Family, from Sweden.  She is a solid brindle girl who we have very high hopes for.  Cameo is co-owned by myself and Beth Spain of Anchor Up; she resides in New York with Beth.

PLL Clear by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Clear by DNA
CH Patronus Fiendfyre

Valkyrie is a 4th generation Patronus dog, coming down from my favorite line of awesome girls (Puzzle, Pippa, and Paisley).  My 9-year old son is a co-breeder of Valkyrie, he picked her out as our keeper at birth and he chose her call name.  Hopefully, he'll be showing Valkyrie in Juniors in the future!  

Valkyrie finished her AKC Champion at 13 months of age with limited showing.

PLL Carrier by DNA; LAD Carrier by DNA; LP Clear